Thursday, October 26, 2006


Just got to my hotel.... playing EPT tournament today at 2pm!

I finally managed to get my desktop up and running again so i could import all my hands to poker tracker for the last couple of months... eek!

I realised that night i lost the £40000 pot i actually lost £75000 on the £25/£50 Omaha that night. I can't remember buying in that many times. Yuck. The problem with playing higher stakes is that when i have been playing smaller stakes i have been donating. It must stop, particularly on the $10/$20 PL Omaha which i normally do so well at, i've been donating. So i am not going to play there unless i concentrate properly.

On the plus side i have done much better than i thought in the £40/£80 NL Hold'em game. I'm actually over £100000 up for the last month so that experiment will continue. However, in the £25/£50 NL game i am almost £100000 down. So i wish i had ignored that table.

Tournament wise... my form is good at the moment. Hopefully i can pick up another good result before the end of the year.

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Royal Flush said...

Ul in Dublin m8.