Tuesday, November 24, 2009

End of year stuff

I played the $25000 HU PLO Championship on Full Tilt. I was on tilt before i even played it, because i was in a $500 satelite for a free seat, which i made the final of, and got all in on a coin flip when i had a 3.8k/2.2k chip lead, and didn't end up getting the seat. This happened less than 5 minutes before the start of the tournament, which wasn't good timing.

I then played Harrington25. He played like a super nit, limping every button etc. Plus he showed every bluff, and i admit, i was tilted. I ended up going out with two pair v bottom set. People can play how they want i guess, but i was looking forward to some fun matches, which wasn't what i got....

I know its a bit early to early to do my end of year review, but i'm taking the rest of the year off, so i may as well. My aims at the start of the year were:

- Win $2 million+ online
- Win $500k+ in tourneys
- Cash in a WSOP event in Vegas
- Get involved in some 500/1000 action
- Have a winning year staking
- Play 25000 hands minimum at 100/200+

I only managed the two aims i highlighted. I kind of feel like i've had a bad year at poker, but i had a really good first seven months, followed by a very bad few months in September and October, which i had my worst downswing, which i since just about recovered. The highlight of the year was getting 3rd in the WSOP $2500 event for $150,000.

Time for some graphs.

50/100 Lifetime

Total Lifetime Omaha

I'm pretty shocked by my lifetime Omaha graph shows me $7.8 million up. I added a bunch of aliases from old Crypto days like 4 years ago, which i hadn't used in my results before, which put about $500k on to the total. I must also be around a $500k loser on various laptops when away on poker trips and holidays. It's pretty sick because i'm wandering where all my money has gone......

Time for some aims for next year.

- Update my blog more
- Reach $10 million in lifetime winnings
- Win a WSOP or EPT event
- Play more on Full Tilt
- Try and not play so badly so often
- Not lose over $100k in a day (unless playing 200/400+)


behhh04 said...

good god.....

Anonymous said...

outside of highsrakes db, thats the highest earning graph ive ever seen, congrats!

Anonymous said...

godly impressive
please post a 2009 graph

Fenix35 said...

crazy crazy graph. Congrats

snoopy1239 said...

Hi, Ben. Any chance of a Black Belt Poker link?... pleeeeeeeese. :-)

Matthew said...

Wow, this is really something. How is it possible to have such a consistent upward trend?

... and they say PLO is swingy.

Tri said...

What a sicko.

Mr Origami said...


Anonymous said...

WOuuld you mind telling us how much you did make this year?

Leonidas said...

can you pls send me $10 lol

마이클 said...

good graph
what a sicko
I envy you
so you mainly play HU rather than 6 max?

Pot Limit Omaha said...

Hi Ben! Awesome graphs. Do you mind if I post them in the Pot Limit Omaha fan club on Facebook? or maybe you can join and post them yourself at facebook.com/PotLimitOmaha

Have a nice holiday and good luck in 2010!

Anonymous said...

impressive graph obviously ben and shocked to see you had a winning year staking- thats very impressive in itself

stay away from the 500/1000 please. now guy isnt there and gus is on his last legs you can only sit with ivey, PA or Blom and as good as you are there is no edge for you and a bad week can wipe out your roll. you dont need the ego of proving you are the best(you have nothing to prove) when you can make so much money at the smaller (lol) levels.


Ukgatsby said...

nice graph
gl for 2010
Any sponsorship deals in the pipeline (i remember you blogging there was something that might come off when you finished your deal with BF)

Online Casino said...

wow! it's some graph...

Lina Wang said...


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Daniel Trett said...

Yo Ben,

Good review & sick PLO graph. I've linked you up over at our blog; http://full-trett-poker.blogspot.com/. Feel free to do the same & GL for 2010.

Big D said...

You're like the real deal! Wow. I'm impressed.

Omaha playa said...

I'd love to be impressed but this is has to be fake. No-one wins 33 bb/100 over 120k samples, even at low stakes. It's not possible, unless people are losing to you on purpose. Give tableratings a few more months to collect data for people with 100k+ hands of PLO and I would bet there is no-one on more than +10bb/100 winrate.

Milkybarkid said...

Too many questions...

Link done for Black Belt Poker

Yeh mostly HU nowadays. Probably around 80% of my play is HU.

Nothing happening with sponsorship. I didn't play many tourneys in 2009. I plan on playing more in 2010.

Graph isn't fake even though i can see why you would think it is. I can prove this if you want to make a substantial bet :-)

Daniel Trett said...

Hi Ben, any chance of a link to http://full-trett-poker.blogspot.com/? I've linked you up. Sick PLO graphs BTW

Randall Bly said...

I like your blog.Don't know who you are, except from your posts.Any way. you sound like a very good tournament player.Just remember Tournament play is one style and live games are another.

Stud poker said...

Initially I also didn't believe this and thought it really a stupid game,but after coming through your presentation now i think how silly i was??It's really a so exciting graph....

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