Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On to Monte Carlo

I busted out in San Remo in the last level of day one. I was about average stacked and after just calling a raise preflop with QQ, i couldn't find a pass to a check raise on a J64 flop. My opponent had JJ, so even if i'd played my hand faster preflop i would have gone out anyway, as he wouldn't have folded it pre against me.

There was one amusing hand from earlier in the day. I called a bet of 600 when blinds were 100/200 with 7cTc and the flop came 4cQcQd. I checked to the Italian guy who opened, and he bet 1200. I had an 8k stack and didn't want to just call, so made it 4000. Obviously i'm committed now, and he shoves and i call. Expecting to see like 77-AA or maybe a higher flush draw, or a Q. He slams A8 off on the table and looks really pleased with his play, even though i'm a 54/46 favorite. The T peels of on the turn to leave him drawing to 2 outs, and he goes mad and storms off outside for like 15 minutes to cool off.

Apart from that Remo was ok. After an opening night out i managed to think i'd lost the 10k euro cash in a bar i had on me as we had a fairly heavy night. After turning my room upside down i gave up, only to return a few hours later and it was sat on top of my laptop. My cleaner got a nice tip!

Looking forward to Monte Carlo in a few days, the venue is my favorite place for playing poker anywhere, and i expect a huge field of 800+ runners. Hopefully i'll at least make day 2. I'll stay around anyway as there is some decent side events including a 5k euro PLO.

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Anonymous said...

LOL at leaving 10k laying around!

I went to the Maldives in 2002 and got a call whilst I was sinking a few cold ones in the bar area to let me know I had left the safe open with all out cash, camera etc in it.

Not even $0.01 was missing and the cleaner waited for us to finish our drinks before heading back to the chalet. That cleaner got paid $20 a month yet had the decency to leave our things alone!