Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I recovered from my slight downswing i had in August and September. Kind of a bit bored of playing right now. There are quite a few reasons why i've been playing bad lately. After winning so much in June and July, its been really tough to focus on beating my usual games. I've also run really bad at 200/400 in the last month or so. I've lost like the last ten shots i've taken at about $20,000 a time.

Alot of the time i'm just trying to tear apart any player i face at 25/50 and 50/100. I've been making more bad plays than ever. When i was far more focused earlier in the year, i didn't mind playing someone for ages, if it increased the possibility of me beating them. Recently i'm trying to crush people in no time at all, even when i know i'm picking bad spots to play big pots.

Going to have some decent time off poker in Dec/Jan and Feb to party, go to Australia and then skiing!

I'll try and some interesting hands and post them in my next entry!


Anonymous said...

Yeh i play about 6 hours most days and i can get bored of poker too, still it beats working for a living.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Ben knows where he is going wrong (which is good), but can he fix it?

It really is a huge task I think, and I would think in these times alot of people go broke. Pride and greed are 2 very, very strong forces to overcome.

I really hope this doesnt happen to you mate as this is the best blog on the net (when bluescouse isnt posting anyway lol only jokin but close!).


Anonymous said...

Maybe the problem is you just don't really need to win that much? Reading between the lines after following your blog you must have won $3-$4 million in online poker in the last few years. Even being one of the best PLO players in the world is not enough if you only play your A game 50% of the time.

Eugene said...

Ben, Why don't you just cash out like 30% of your roll and make it your goal to rebuild it. That should be motivation enough.