Tuesday, April 15, 2008

EPT Monte Carlo

Well it was a washout.

I think the table i was drawn at was probably the softest in the entire room. I only recognised one player (Roland), and at least three of the other players were terrible..... there are so many examples but i won't go into them.

I think i lost about 3000 out of my 15000 starting stack trying to flop something against one of these players, who definitely couldn't fold top pair.

The crucial hand for me was when some guy opened for 500 (blinds 50/100), i looked down at QQ in the SB and made it 2200 (22 big blinds).
The flop came down 279 rainbow, and i led for about half the pot. He called. He didn't appear strong at all. Turn brought an 8. I checked with the plan of check raising all in. He checked behind!

River was an Ace. I checked again to him. He now bet 3000. I could rule out 22, 77, 88, 99 and AA pretty much. I couldn’t really see how the Ace could have improved him. He can’t have called the flop with AT, AJ, AQ or AK. So I called and he showed the good old A7 off for a rivered two pair. Clearly anyone calling 22 big blinds with this hand is clueless, so I was pretty much donked!

I did manage to treble up my short stack with 88 v AQ v AQ, but then busted to AJ with QK…..

Having a tournament break before Vegas in June! It’s always disappointing to go out of such a big event, but there will be plenty more chances to do well during the WSOP.


Anonymous said...


At least you crush the cash games. Some people rely on live tournaments where variance and luck are huge.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi ben

im a 20 yr old and im a student i play at my local club 2/5nl hold em
pretty good game with lots a fish. but was wondering how you started your bankroll did you just get one nice cash or were you saving up for it or wat? im trying but its not working for me?? thanks

Milkybarkid said...


When i started playing stakes 2/5 and above it was when i had a decent job, so it wasn't the end of the world when i lost!

Its tough if you are playing off a small bankroll if you don't have any income from other sources.

I guess you just need to get off to a good start if the game is very fish. Once you have built a bankroll of over 10 buy ins you will feel more comfortable, and play better.

Good luck

snoopy1239 said...

Sounds like it just wasn't your day. See you in Vegas!


Michael said...


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Anonymous said...

It wasn't your day, but be careful while your are at a poker
table.After getting a sufficient bankroll you can again back to the the tournament.

Anonymous said...

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