Friday, December 01, 2006

Two years +

I just realised this blog has been going for over two years now! I read back over some old posts the other day and its been quite a rollercoaster. I never thought when i started out i would have played some of the sick limits i have recently.

Earlier in the week i played in the big Dealers choice game at the Western. Its a £10 running ante and a mandatory £50 blind from the button and often people go £100 and occasionally £200 blind. The games are Pot Limit Superstud, Omaha Hi/Lo, double or single flop Omaha, Irish and Hold'em (though no-one ever picks that). Well i had fun despite my biggest ever loss live, a juicy five figure sum. I did run bad though, and was mostly happy with my decisions.

I've got a new computer set up with a couple of nice Sony monitors. I've been 4-6 tabling $25/$50 Omaha mainly and things have been going fairly well. I'm going to not play much between now and the New year... its good to have a break sometimes. I'm going skiing over the New Year and then straight to Australia for the Aussie Millions. I must play more tournaments next year. This year i played less than 20 tournaments.

There was a double whammy of me playing on Challenge last night... EPT Monte Carlo 2006 and WSOP Main Event 2006. God i am tilted by watching how bad i played to come 9th in Monte Carlo. I must not play today!!


United113 said...

I just read some of your ealy posts and it gives us all hope.

I only recently found your blog and sometimes it seems that all te best pro's somehow just came across their bankroll and started playing high limits.

It's good to see the limits you used to play and see how you built it up..!

P.S saw you on the WSOP the other day... nice hand against matusow..

Tall Mat said...

Out of the 20 tourneys you played what were your results like? Is 20 enough to be statistically relevant for tournament play?

Also, from a December post last year you stated your goals for 2006:
Now on to the poker aims of 2006. In no particular order, apart from the first one ;-)

- Not go broke.
- Enjoy what i do. I love playing poker but get overly stressed whenever i lose or get knocked out of a big tournament. I have the best job i could hope for.
- Make the money in a WSOP and WPT event.
- Win £150000+ online.
- Play at least five WSOP events at at least two WPT events.
- Stop reading poker forums. I like what i read 10% of the time. The rest irritates me.
- Win 3 tournaments with buy ins over £750.
- Reduce my tilt to a manageable level.
- Not play any Limit poker.

Glad to see you managed the first one, even if you didn't manage the last! Are you going to do a review against all of these goals - that would be interesting.

Finally a suggestion for the PLO column - there are plenty of hands you might want to raise with pre-flop, but which starting hands are worth calling a re-raise with (i.e. but not re-re-raising)?

GL and keep up the blog.

Milkybarkid said...

Yeh i'll do some sort of the review at the end of the month. I've surpassed some of expectations for this year, but also fallen short on some as well. I think the variance in tournaments is huge... i've had four decent cashes out of the 20 which is ok. I'll go into more detail in my yearly review.

Cheers for the PLO column suggestion :-)

snoopy1239 said...

Crikey, imagine where you would have come if you'd played well! ;-)

Good luck,


Rob Sherwood said...

Definitely going to Oz then? If so see you there.


Milkybarkid said...

Yeh arrive 8th leave on the 20th. They have a $3000 PLO rebuy tournament! Could be pricey

Tall Mat said...

Yeah, but that's only aussie dollars, which are worth even less that US ones!

mftpg said...

Hi, Enjoyed your blog for several months now - have linked to you from mine (just starting out really). Would be great to have a link back... I am at


M3monster said...

ur doing great.

See u in monte carlo,

Best of luk.