Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A few end of year gongs

Pro Poker Player Site of the Year – Daniel Negreanu

The best of the pro players sites by a mile in my opinion. It includes a regularly updated blog and a forum that Daniel posts on sometimes. Plus all sorts of articles that he writes for Card Player magazine.

I do like this article from Barry Greenstein.

He rates many of the well known pro’s on aggressiveness, looseness, limit, No-Limit, side games e.t.c.

Fair play to him for sticking his neck on the line and I am sure his ratings will offend a few of them. The best quote is in his analysis of Phil Hellmuth
“Phil has assured me that he is a much better player than I give him credit for.”
Classic Hellmuth.

Blogs of the Year

I have scoured my way through many good blogs in 2004. I have to pick 3 that are regularly updated. There are other very good ones but I like the ones that post more than once a week.

Mike Lacey -

Andy Ward -

Big Dave D -

Muppet(s) of the Year

I wish I could name them but I am just too nice. There are just some people in poker that get a few decent tournament results and suddenly think they are the best thing since slice bread.

Worst Play against me of the Year

Someone calling a 55000 chip raise from me when they had no chips committed on the button with KJ which put us both all in and knocked me out into 5th in one of the Poker Classic tournaments at the Vic. The worst part is that thought it was a good call when they only had a 40% chance of winning the hand.

Best place to make money online

Any game on Party Poker and any other site where you make a good decision about game selection.

Worst online site of the year

Has to be Victor Chandler with the endless problems they have had during tournaments and their notoriously poor customer service.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Have a good Xmas.



Big Dave D said...

Tx for the gong!

I must say i completely disagree with the fullcontactpoker thing. The forum there has the worse Doyle's Disease I have ever seen. The journal is ok-ish tho.

Coping with bad beats is part of life online im afraid. Read my 25k slump if you want to cheer yourself up - misery loves company :-) At one point I lost $8500 in pots over 3 hands which I was prolly a 600+ to 1 shot to happen. Sometimes its a hard way to make an easy living.



Luckyblind said...

Thanks Ben, Much appreciated. Must admit my posts have got less frequent lately, but it is the busiest 'normal' work time of the year. May see you sometime in the New Year as I intend to nip over the water for a few festivals.

Have a good Xmas and New Year,


Milkybarkid said...

I actually haven't looked a great deal at the forum. The blog i think is ok though.

Yeah i have read most of your entrie blog. I have had similar nights where if i worked out the odds of losing in consecutive big pots would be huge. Started playing a fair bit on the $5/$10 on Stars. Struggling away with 2 good sessions and two bad ones at the moment. The big Omaha game on Betfair seems to have died for now.

Blogger said...

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