Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ship it

FullTiltPoker Game #1861833589: Table Eginton (6 max) - $200/$400 - Pot Limit Omaha - 7:12:02 ET - 2007/02/24
Seat 1: Ben Grundy ($26,488)
Seat 2: Luck123 ($6,000)
Seat 3: Gus Hansen ($60,043)
Seat 4: luther41 ($76,535.50)
Seat 5: peterpan777 ($167,329)
Seat 6: ballsrider ($39,400)
Ben Grundy posts the small blind of $200
Luck123 posts the big blind of $400
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Ben Grundy [8d 3s 7d 4s]
Gus Hansen folds
luther41 raises to $800
peterpan777 calls $800
ballsrider folds
Ben Grundy calls $600
Luck123 calls $400
*** FLOP *** [5c 6h Ad]
Ben Grundy checks
Luck123 bets $3,200
luther41 calls $3,200
peterpan777 folds
Ben Grundy raises to $16,000
Luck123 calls $2,000, and is all in
luther41 raises to $28,800
Ben Grundy calls $9,688, and is all in
poisonblack (Observer): who are all these new faces
luther41 shows [Ac Qd Jh Ah]
Ben Grundy shows [8d 3s 7d 4s]
Luck123 shows [3d 7c As Kh]
Uncalled bet of $3,112 returned to luther41
*** TURN *** [5c 6h Ad] [2c]
poisonblack (Observer): peterpan and luther
*** RIVER *** [5c 6h Ad 2c] [Th]
luther41 shows three of a kind, Aces
Ben Grundy shows a straight, Six high
Ben Grundy wins the side pot ($40,976) with a straight, Six high
Luck123 shows a pair of Aces
Ben Grundy wins the main pot ($18,797) with a straight, Six high
Luck123 is sitting out
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $59,776 Main pot $18,800. Side pot $40,976. Rake $3
Board: [5c 6h Ad 2c Th]
Seat 1: Ben Grundy (small blind) showed [8d 3s 7d 4s] and won ($59,773) with a straight, Six high
Seat 2: Luck123 (big blind) showed [3d 7c As Kh] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 3: Gus Hansen didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: luther41 showed [Ac Qd Jh Ah] and lost with three of a kind, Aces
Seat 5: peterpan777 folded on the Flop
Seat 6: ballsrider (button) didn't bet (folded)


SimonG. said...

Here I was going through the usual run of failing to get the 80% shots to stand up at least one time in ten when I thought to myself "That Ben is a lucky scrote, perhaps I will open his blog up for luck." Next thing I know I go on a tear, I win a coin-flip and even manage to outdraw someone.

So if your sitemeter stats show a sudden increas in volume, it is because I have set you as my home page.....

M3monster said...


John Wheatland said...

No disrespect Ben but I haven't seen a hand in a while where you've outplayed someone, it seems you get a lot of action when you have the goods. Nice work if you can get it. Good luck in Goa.

Mark - An Englishman Abroad said...

Fantastic hand - the size of that pot brought tears to my low limit eyes!!

GL in Goa.

Cheers, Mark

Mrz said...


nice hand Ben!

Things seem to be better; good, I am happy for you!

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