Wednesday, December 13, 2006

End of 2006 review!

Time for the end of year review I guess. After this week I will be having a break until the Aussie Millions in January.

My aims for this year which I put on my blog last Dec for 2006 were:

1. Not go broke.
2. Enjoy what i do. I love playing poker but get overly stressed whenever i lose or get knocked out of a big tournament. I have the best job i could hope for.
3. Make the money in a WSOP and WPT event.
4. Win £150000+ online.
5. Play at least five WSOP events at least two WPT events.
6. Stop reading poker forums. I like what i read 10% of the time. The rest irritates me.
7. Win 3 tournaments with buy ins over £750.
8. Reduce my tilt to a manageable level.
9. Not play any Limit poker.

Well I managed to achieve 1, 2, 4 and 8. The others weren’t achieved. Looking at those ones… number 7 in particular was an extremely tough one. Not sure if anyone in Europe won 3+ tournaments this year. Regarding poker forums… I’m an addict and can’t help looking at them. For number 9.... though I said I wouldn’t play any limit, I actually enjoy it on occasions… especially Limit Omaha Hi/Lo.


It’s been a funny year. I played fewer tournaments than I had planned. I managed to count just 18. I cashed in 4 of them. I could have had two massive results in EPT Monte Carlo and the WCOOP main event but fell a bit short in both, bad play in one and cold decked in the other. I won just over £160000 in the year, so am happy with that.

Next year I am definitely going to play a lot more tournaments. I’m planning on playing all the EPT events except Copenhagen, at least four WPT events and also ten or more WSOP events.


After the start to the year when I nearly went broke in Australia, it’s been a great year. Playing mainly PL Omaha the swings have been huge, but luckily mainly upwards. 79% of my profit came from Omaha, 19% from NL Hold’em and 2% others.

I won 15 big blinds for every hundred Omaha hands I played in 2006. I played 106,000 hands according to my poker tracker. I would definitely be happy with anything close to that next year. I’d actually settle for half that. I must have run good.

May as well do some aims for 2007 so here goes:

- Not to go broke (always number one aim)
- Win a big tournament with over a £3000 buy in.
- Play a lot more tournaments. I’m going to focus on playing a few more WPT events unless the bankroll takes a big dive.
- Win over £300000 online.
- Play most of the WSOP events. This year’s WSOP was a bit of a wipe out for me, I am already looking forward to having a proper run at it this year.
- Win over £250000 in tournaments.

Looking forward to next year. I don't like playing much in December as i don't want to tilt myself over Xmas. Have a good Xmas!! Also, check out Bluescouse's blog here. Best blog at the moment. Makes me look sensible :-)


Dave Downing said...

Well done Ben. You got the year you deserved. I do hope you have banked a lot of those winnings and haven't completely spunked them away. Bluescouse is insane. He makes dpommo look like a meta game expert. To do in £150k in the biggest games on the Net without ever dropping down is some achievement.

Have a good 'un.

Dave D

Nick said...

Congratulations mate... a 160,000 grand income for doing something you enjoy is quite an awesome achievement. And very nice for those of us who slog it out in normal jobs that you seem to appreciate your fortune to be well rewarded for something you enjoy.

I play at very small stakes and due to time pressures fairly infrequently, but my brother plays fairly seriously. Although its hard to know for sure, he seems fairly succesful, but it worries me that the amount of time he devotes to playing makes him quite anti-social. I'd be very interested to know as a full time professional, how you try to keep a balance. And do you feel that as you become a more succesful player in terms of financial return, it becomes easier or more difficult to spend more time away from the lap top or the baize?

best wishes for 2007,


TerrorPoker said...

I absolutely love your blog even if you are one of the young guns and im an old fart who spent most of his life hitting a white ball golf)

Hope you consider linking to my blog at

But your link will sure stay on my blog because your rants/posts have inspired me to my own poker project :)


Milkybarkid said...

Hi Nick

It is very easy to just play all the time... especially as you can play online poker 24/7. I try to play around 25-35 hours a week. I always give myself Friday-Sunday off and prefer to play in the daytime and relax in the evenings. I sometimes play again and do the nightshift if the games are good :-)

I tend to play a lot more when I am losing if anything. I think the more hours I put in, the easier it will be to turn around. Sometimes that plan doesn’t quite work!

I don’t think the financial return really affects how much I play. If I am enjoying it and feel like playing I will, regardless of stakes, and how much I am winning.

GL at the tables


Ukgatsby said...

Happy New Year Mate
Hope 2007 is good to you.


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